A quick step by step guide to update the price in bulk in SelluSeller.

You can easily update the price of your products in bulk.

1) Sign into SelluSeller. Go to the 'Catalogue' tab.

2) Click on the upward arrow (Bulk Actions) button. Go to the 'Bulk price update' option.

   Click on the export file option.

bulk price update-1

3)  A pop up for bulk price update appears. Select the required Product state. Click on 'Generate'.

generate button

4) Go to the 'Bulk activities' tab on the left. Click on the 'Download' button to download the required file.

bulk download price

5) Update the required details in the file. Go to 'Bulk Price Update' under the Bulk actions tab. Click on the 'Upload' button.

upload price

6) A pop window appears for uploading the file. Attach the updated details file and click on 'Upload'.

upload bulk price cat

7) The price is successfully updated for the selected products.

Hope this answers your question.