A quick guide to create and list group/variation products in SelluSeller.

Group Products are the multiple variations of a single product.

For example: A group of  the same t-shirt in different colours or sizes.

You can easily create and list group products on any marketplace through SelluSeller.

1) Sign into SelluSeller. Go to the 'Catalogue' tab.

2) Click on the 'Add Product' button. The basic information page opens. 

Add product button

3) Click on 'Group Product' under the Product Type tab.

4) Fill all the basic SKU information in 'Step 1'.

5) You can view the images dimensions, acceptable format and limitation while uploading images. You can simply drag & drop images on to the Product Images section. Alternatively, you may click on the browse button to upload images from your local system.

add group product

6) Click on 'Save as Draft' to save the details.

7) In 'Step 2', you can select all the sales channels stores where you want to list the product and their respective categories.

8) Select the required fields and click on 'Start listing' button to list your products.

step 2 group product

9) The product will move into the "Draft" state. After this, you need to create the Varients of the products. You can select the option type. For example color, size, storage, etc.

10) After creating the option type, You need to add the information of Channel SKU and Inventory SKU  for all the product variants.

You can either add the existing Inventory SKU or can create the new Inventory SKU

Note:- The Channel SKU must be different for each Product Variant.

11) Insert information for all the mandatory fields and click on "List" button at the bottom of the page

12) Once product listing is completed, you can view the product state for respective marketplaces

Note : Existing single SKU can no be converted to a group SKU, user have to create a new group SKU for the same.

Hope this answers your question.