A step by step guide to modify details of a product easily from Inventory.

In SelluSeller, you can easily modify the details of any product from your inventory.

  1. Sign in to SelluSeller and click on the 'Inventory' tab. A list of all products in your inventory is displayed by default.

  2. In the 'Search' box, enter the name or iSKU of the product whose details you want to modify. The results matching your search criterion are displayed.


all products search final

  1.  In the iSKU column, click the iSKU number of the product whose details you want to modify. Click on the 'Edit' button. The Update Product page appears with details of the product.

  1. Modify the product details as required. You can modify stock, product title, dimensions and then click 'Update Product'. The product details are updated in the inventory and a confirmation message appears.

Update product


  • Click 'Cancel' if you do not want to update the product details in your inventory.

Hope this answers your question.