A quick step by step guide to change/update the product weight in SelluSeller.

You can easily change/update the product weight in SelluSeller.

  1. Sign into SelluSeller. Go to the 'Inventory' tab.

  2. In the 'Search' box, search for the required SKU. The results matching your criteria are displayed.
    search inventory

  3. Click on the SKU. The product information page opens. Click on the edit button under the 'Product Information' tab. Update the weight in the dimensions category.
    update weight in inventory

  4. Click on 'Update Details' to save the changes.

  5. Go to the 'Catalogue' tab. Search for the same SKU. 
    search catalogue

  6. The results matching your criterion are displayed. Click on the 'Edit' button against the selected product. The basic information page opens automatically.

  7. You can view all your modified details under the 'Inventory SKU Basic Information' tab.
    Inventory updated basic information in catalogue

  8.  Go to 'Step 2'. You can view all the sales channels and categories' information there. Click on 'View Details' for the required marketplace details.

view details for store infor

8.  The Sales Channel Store Information page opens. Click on the 'List' button to update the details on the required marketplace.

Final step for updating weight

Hope this answers your question.