A quick step by step guide to process your new orders in SelluSeller. 

You can easily process your new orders in SelluSeller.

1.  Login to SelluSeller and click on 'Orders' tab. It displays a list of your 'New Orders' by default.
New orders-2


  • The status of all new orders in the State column on this page is Ready for Pickup if your shipping carrier is configured.

  • If the shipping carrier is not configured, the state will be 'New',  you will get option to add/configure shipping carrier.

2.  Click on 'Assign Carrier'  for the order where carrier is not assigned. The order detail page opens.

Assign carrier

3.  Under 'Shipping Carrier Details', select the shipping carrier from the drop down list and click on 'Assign Carrier' to assign the carrier.

Assign carrier correct image

4.  You can search specific order by applying filter for  Date, Marketplace (Show only those marketplaces already connected with SelluSeller), Payment mode, SelluSeller status, and Shipping Carrier.
 You can also search specific order by searching order number under search tab.  

new orders filter

4.  You can view order value along with payment mode for all orders.

payment mode and amount

5.  You can export orders in excel file and also you can generate picking list by selecting the required orders and clicking on 'Action' button. Click on 'Orderwise Picking list' to generate a picking list for the selected orders.

Orderwise picking list

6.  Enable the checkbox corresponding to the order that you want to process. The action option will pop up. Click on 'Bulk Pack Orders' option to pack the selected orders.

Bulk pack orders

7. A confirmation message will appear and the selected orders will move from the 'New Orders' list to the 'In Process Orders'. The state of these orders will change to 'Packed'.

Packed order

8.  Click on 'In Process' orders tab and then click the drop-down arrow corresponding to the order. The order and customer details appear.

Customer details

9. You can download and print shipping labels and invoice for the selected In-Process orders. Select the required orders. Click on the 'Action' button. Under 'Printing Documents', enable the respective check-boxes to download shipping labels and invoice. 

Print documents


  • You can view the shipping label and invoice of the order by clicking the downloaded files.

9.  Click on the 'In Process' orders tab, and select the checkbox corresponding to the order, the 'Action' button will pop up and then click on 'Create Manifest'. The Create Manifest pop-up window appears. Click on 'Create Manifest' to generate one for the selected orders.

Create manifest for bulk

10.  The manifest is created and a confirmation message appears, and the status of the order changes to 'In Transit' in the 'State' column.

In transit


  • Before the status of the order changes to 'In Transit', it becomes 'Ready to Ship' for a few seconds.

11.  Click on the 'All Manifest' button to view all your manifests. Click 'Download Manifest' if you want to download the manifest for a particular order.

View all manifest

11.  When the order is delivered, the order moves from the 'In Process' orders state to the 'Completed Orders' state in SelluSeller.

Completed order


Orders which have already been processed from marketplace, that status for that same order will not sync to Anchanto OMS, these orders has to be manually marked as completed / delivered from Anchanto OMS to complete the order processing.  




Hope this answers your question.