A quick step by step guide to create manual order from SelluSeller.  

1. Login to SelluSeller and click on the 'Orders' tab.

orders resized

2. Click on the 'Create Order' button. A separate Create Orders page appears.

3. Enter the order details such as Order number, Select order date, Select Marketplace and select Buyer.

Note : If buyer is not created already then you will have to create a new buyer.

MyStore orders3

4. Select Payment method and delivery option.

5. Add products in order and enter the quantity.

6. Click on 'Create Order' button to complete the process.

Create orders detailed-1

6. Once you create new order, it will be available under the New Orders tab.

Noted: Please ensure product is created in Catalogue for the specific Offline stores in order add during order creation.

Hope this answers your question.