A quick step by step guide to create manual order from Anchanto OMS 

1. Go to the Order Module and click on "Create Order"

2. Fill up the required information:

  •     Order No: key in the order number
  •     Select Store: select the offline store for this order 
  •     Select Shipping Carrier: select the shipping carrier for this order
  •     Product info: select CSKU, adding number of unit and price, then click "Add Product"

3. Select payment method

4. Key in customer details 

Note : If customer is not created already then you will have to create a new buyer.

Click "Create Order" to complete

5. Once you create new order, it will be available under the New Orders tab.

Noted: Please ensure product is created in Catalogue for the specific Offline stores in order add during order creation.

Hope this answers your question.