A quick guide to adding a disconnected marketplace to your SelluSeller account.

You can easily connect any marketplace that you had disconnected earlier from your SelluSeller  account.

While reconnecting the marketplace you need to add required details once again.

 To reconnect the marketplace:

    • Click on the 'Integrations' tab. Go to the 'Ecommerce Channels' tab

    • In the 'Search' tab, type the name of the ecommerce channel that you wish to reconnect.
      search and connect

    • The matching results are displayed. Click on the three vertical dots against the ecommerce channel. Click on 'Connect'.

    • The 'Add Store' page opens. Fill in the required fields and click on 'Generate API token'.
      generate API token

    • You will be redirected to the 'Ecommerce Channel' page for sign in and authorisation.
      sign in for connecting again

    • Fill in the required details and click on 'Submit'. 

    • You will be redirected to SelluSeller. Assign a shipping carrier. Your ecommerce channel is now connected again.
      connect disconnected store- step 2

                    Hope this answers your question.