A quick guide to get API Keys for Lazada

The following mentioned process can be followed for -

Lazada Singapore
Lazada Malaysia
Lazada Philippines
Lazada Indonesia
Lazada Vietnam
Lazada Thailand

To get the API Keys-

1. Login to SelluSeller

2.  Click on the "Integration" option.

3. Click on  "Add Store"

4. SelluSeller will redirect you to Add New page> Select the respective marketplaces to connect with SelluSeller > Click on "Start Integration"

NOTE:-  You can view country-wise market place available 

5. Click on " Generate API"

6. You will be redirected to the Lazada Open Platform > Select the country and enter your Lazada seller center account credentials > Click on the "Submit" button. 

 7. You will receive a confirmation message that Lazada Marketplace is connected successfully.

Hope this answers your question! 

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