A quick guide to get API keys for Lelong

The following mentioned process can be followed for -

LeLong Malaysia

To get the API Key-

  1. Complete the Lelong. my API Integration Request Form. You can get the form here- http://help.lelong.my/

2. Click on API Integration Request Form.


3. Send an email to help@selluseller.com to receive Programmer Full Name, Programmer Mobile Number, and Programmer Email Address.

4. Email the form to store@lelong.com.my.

5. Login to Lelong Control Panel, click on My Store > API Setting


6. Copy the API key and User ID and paste it in SelluSeller.


Note:- To sync your orders from LeLong, you can paste the following URL in the 'Update Order URL' tab as visible in the above screenshot-

Hope this answers your question!
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