Procedure to get API details from Shopify to integrate web store with SelluSeller

To get the API keys-

  1. Login to your Shopify Account and click on App

2. You need to scroll down and click on 'Manage Private Apps'.


3. Click on Create a new private app


4. Enter the Private app name : SelluSeller and enter your email address in Emergency developer email field.


5. Assign read and write access for all the attributes under Admin API.
Also, click and expand on Review disabled Admin API permissions and give read and write access to all attributes and click on save.

Note: Where ever it is read give read access and if there is read and write then give read and write access.


6.  You will get all the details required for connecting with SelluSeller such as API key, Password and Host name- Shopify Store URL (for Eg.


Hope this answers your question!

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