Follow the steps below to connect / configure POS Laju:


Step 1: Go to “Integration” module from the primary navigation bar.


Step 2: Select “Shipping Carrier Management” from the list of integration options.



Step 3: Select the “SelluSeller Integrated 3PL” tab.



Step 4: Click on “Add 3PL Partner” button on the extreme right



Step 5: Select PosLaju from the list of shipping partners 



Step 6: Click on the “Start integration” button after selecting the carrier.



Step 7: Now fill the mandatory fields to start integrating.            

  1.  Short Name : Assign a nickname to identify in case if there multiple account with same 3PL.
  2. Account Number: This one you can get from the POS Laju team.


Hope this answers your question.

If you need further assistance, fire up the live chat or write to us at and we would be happy to help.