Here are the functions and supported features of the SelluSeller & Bukalapak Integration.


Order Management

  • Auto sync the past 90 days orders from Bukalapak marketplace to SelluSeller on first time connection
  • Get all your ‘Paid’ status orders from Bukalapak marketplace to SelluSeller for further order processing.
  • Update Processed status to the order when it marked as Ready to Ship in SelluSeller.

Sync Cancellation & Delivery status

  • Sync 'Cancelation Request' & 'Refunded' status orders from Bukalapak to SelluSeller to move those orders under Cancelled in SelluSeller.
  • Sync 'Delivered' status orders from Bukalapak to SelluSeller to move those orders under 'Delivered' state in SelluSeller.

Shipping Label & Invoice

  • Update Ready to Ship order status for the new orders in SelluSeller to download and print the shipping label synced from Bukalapak to SelluSeller for the processed orders.



Stock/Inventory Management

  • Auto sync your centralized inventory available in SelluSeller to your Bukalapak marketplace as and when there is any addition or deductions.
  • Update your inventory manually using the ‘Sync Stock’ option Incase if it is required.



Catalogue Management

  • Have products already listed on Bukalap? Get all the listings synced to your SelluSeller account automatically.
  • Get all status products (with & without variations) except draft automatically synced in your SelluSeller account when you connect your Bukalapak account with SelluSeller for the first time.
  • Easily create product listings (with and without variation) in a few clicks and get it listed on Bukalapak Marketplace.
  • Seamlessly edit and update information for your with and without variation products on Bukalapak Marketplace using SelluSeller.

Image Management

  • Get all the images for your already listed products on Bukalapak Marketplace synced and updated on your SelluSeller account.
  • Simply upload images for your product listings in your SelluSeller account, and add them to your listings on Bukalapak Marketplace.

Price Management

  • Manage prices for all your products listed on Bukalapak Marketplace.

Few challenges

  • The option ‘Share Item to Social Media’ & 'Promote Your Item' in the product listing will be unavailable from SelluSeller. The same will not be sync to SelluSeller while syncing the existing products from Bukalapak to SelluSeller.

  • Due to API limitations from Bukalapak, you can list products with only text description. The description having images will not appear on the Bukalapak seller center via API.

  • All products must have a unique SKU, if 2 or more products/variations have the same SKU will not be synced to SelluSeller.

  • To list the product on the Bukalapak the product at least have 1 or more quantity in their stock else it will not be created.

  • Syncing ‘Draft’ status products from Bukalapak marketplace to SelluSeller will be unavailable.

  • Due to the Bukalapak Marketplace limitation you need to add all possible variations in your group product while listing/updating it on Bukalapak via SelluSeller.

    For example, If you are selling T-Shirts that have 2 colors 'Red' and 'Blue' and 2 sizes 'Small' and 'Medium' then you need to create all combinations like, ‘Red - Small’, ‘Red - Medium’, ‘Blue - Small’, ‘Blue - Medium’.

Hope this answers your question.

If you need further assistance, fire up the live chat or write to us at and we would be happy to help.