Yes, in the case of a cross-border marketplace channel, OMS will automatically convert the product price to the respective country's currency based on the basic product price. It is editable and can be changed manually if necessary.

For e.g. If the product is already listed on Amazon US with a selling price of $10 and now a user is listing the same product on the Amazon Singapore marketplace channel the product price will get auto-converted to SGD with reference to the conversion rate of the day. 

Note: OMS is integrated with a third-party platform to sync daily currency conversion rates. 

As per the below screenshot before listing the product on any marketplace the price will be country-specific based on the user's registered address.

After this, you have to list the product on the marketplace and click on the Start Listing button

As soon as you click on the start listing button, the price will get auto-converted to the specific country to which that marketplace belongs.