A quick guide to get API keys for Zalora

To get the API Keys-

Step 1 : Click on Integration Module - Advance Integration Tab Step 

Step 2. Click on the add integration tab

Step 3 : Search for Ishop Changi on Marketplace and click on ADD button

Step 4 : Click on the Install button appearing on the Pop up Window Step 

5 : The integration page will be opened up where you need to add the Store name and API keys taken from the IshopChangi marketplace. 

Under “My User Settings”, and under sub-tab “API Key”, you can find the required key.

Step 6 : Click on the Start Integration button and the Ishop Changi Integration will be completed and the marketplace will be seen under the Ecommerce Tab. 

To Upload the products on Ishop Changi please follow the below link

 https://support.selluseller.com/support/solutions/articles/44001798535-how-can-i-update-the-pro ducts-in-bulk-