Users can now mark the orders as “cancelled” from Anchanto OMS for the offline stores orders only

Step 1. Go to order module – New orders – select the order which has to be marked as cancelled

Step 2. Click on ”Action button, scroll down to see “Mark Orders Cancelled” and click on it to see the orders in the ”Cancelled”

Step 3: To cancel an order, select the appropriate reason from the drop-down menu.

Step 4 : Tick the checkbox if you wish to revert the stock and then click on "Confirm"

Step 5:  Click on "Confirm" to proceed. This will redirect you to "Bulk Activities", where the status of   order can be checked


For some sales channels , the order has to be cancelled  from the respective sales channel and the same will be synced to OMS UI.

Please find below the attached video link for your reference -