Sometimes the Shipping Labels of the orders will not flow into customer’s connected ERP or WMS system.
 For this we’ve now added a self-service option into the SelluSeller UI.

The feature works by pushing the shipping label received from the marketplace, Anchanto integrated carrier, or the OMS default shipping label to the external system, depending on the delivery method. As soon as the shipping label is available in OMS, it will be triggered to the external system.


To re-push the Shipping Label to connected WMS/ERP system, now a self-service option has been integrated into SelluSeller UI.

Customer can follow below steps to get the Shipping Pushed again:

  • In the orders module, go to Ready to Ship tab.

  • Search and select required orders either by searching or navigating through the list.
  • Once the orders are selected, click on Actions button, and click on Re-push Shipping Label option.

  • Once labels are pushed, you’ll get the success message and you can see the success status under the Bulk Activities.


If the user selects multiple orders and RTS in OMS, and some have the shipping labels, and some haven't, then the shipping labels will be sent for the ones who have them, and the remaining labels will be sent when they receive from the marketplace or carrier platform.