Upon sales channel connection, Anchanto OMS syncs existing product listings with the catalog and inventory modules. 

The SKU code of a product syncs as "CSKU" in Catalogue module and "ISKU" in the Inventory module.


  • "ISKU" is a unique code for a product to identify assigned inventory.
  • User must maintain SKU code, product name, dimensions, cost price, and stock under ISKU.
  • Stock of product is maintained/replenished using ISKU.
  • ISKU must be unique for each product and match CSKU to avoid syncing issues.
  • ISKU is used to process the orders or trace the order movements.


  • CSKU (Channel Stock Keeping Unit) is used to list a product on various marketplaces (sales channels).
  • Each catalogue (listing) is assigned a CSKU (Channel Stock Keeping Unit/Platform SKU) for updating, traceability, and order processing.
  • During sync, they are identified by CSKU and online channel seller's ID (email in this case).

  • CSKUs can be added as SKU codes for individual product listings.

  • CSKU can be added as a listing with variants/group products (Parent SKU code).

  • CSKU can be added as the kit/bundle/combo product (KIT SKU code).

Note : 

  • Every CSKU should have a single ISKU and for the single listing the ISKU = CSKU.

  • For every bundled product and Group product CSKU = ISKU 1 + ISKU 2 + ISKU 3

  • if the CSKU is duplicated to an single ISKU, user may face syncing issues, stock syncing issues or overselling issues

  • If the ISKU is not present for a product, the user should edit the product by adding the ISKU and then list the product.