Hello Everyone, 

We are very excited to share the new feature update in the Anchanto Order Management(OM). This document will help you to understand the need, key features, pre-requisites, and important notes. 


Use Case: 

Anchanto OM now supports the creation of ISKU and CSKU from bulk upload along with the ability to combine them. This feature is beneficial for sellers who have a large number of products and want to save time by creating and uploading them in bulk. It also eliminates the need for manual creation of SKUs, reducing the chance of errors.

Note: This feature is available for Shopify marketplace and it is developed for sellers who wish to create inventory products and catalogue from the same bulk upload file. To enable this feature enhancement the seller needs to contact Anchanto OM team. 


  1. Bulk upload: The feature enables sellers to create ISKU (Internal Stock Keeping Unit) and CSKU (Channel Stock Keeping Unit) in bulk through a CSV file upload. This makes it easier and quicker to list products in the marketplace. 
  2. Combining ISKU and CSKU: Sellers can also combine ISKU and CSKU into a single bulk upload file. This eliminates the need to upload separate files for each SKU type.
  3. Product creation: Once the seller has filled in the product details in the bulk upload file, the products will be created in the marketplace. This saves time and effort as sellers do not have to create each product individually
  4. Catalog list: The products created through bulk upload will be added to the catalogue tab. This makes it easier for sellers to manage and track their products.
  5. Inventory management: The products will also be added to the inventory. For Anchanto OM and Anchanto Warehouse Management (WM) connected accounts, the inventory will be synced automatically.

User Guide: 

To access the functionality of Bulk Upload for isku-csku follow the steps below:

  • Login > Catalogue Tab
  •  Click on Products
  • Click on the top right corner on the Bulk Actions button.
  • On the popup, check for Bulk Product Upload option. 
  • Click on export option.
  • A new screen appears: 
    • Select the Marketplace and the Category you wish to upload.
    • Click to Generate the excel sheet format.
  • Once requested, you will be redirected to the Bulk Activities tab.
  • Download the bulk product export file.
  • Once the download is complete, open the excel sheet. 
  • Open the tab 'Product Data' in the sheet.
  • Enter the details of the products from the 4th row as shown in sample as 'BulkCombPG5'
  • Scroll towards the right from the bottom slidebar to fill all details in the columns towards the right. 
  • Field Values tab contains values accepted as per the column headers. (dropdown list of values)
  • Fill in all the details for the respective products and save the updated file 
  • Go the Products > Bulk Actions > Upload 
  • select the Marketplace and Category, upload the file and click on upload. 
  • It will be redirected to Bulk Activities tab and the progress will appear there.
  •  It will also show the successfully created products and errors in the upload file.
  • To fix the errors:
    • Download the sheet 
    • View the error reason in the last column of the sheet 
    • Update the product data and retry
  • On successful upload of the inventory products, ISKU and CSKU gets updated on the Anchanto OM platform. However the listing status remains as 'Ready to go'. The seller needs to manually list it on Shopify. 

We hope these features contribute to an effortless user experience for you.

In case of any queries, please reach out to us through any of our Helpline Channels.

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