How To do Product Sync

When the SKUs/products are directly created on marketplace or any changes done on marketplace, it does not automatically syncs from marketplace to Selluseller. In that case, Product Sync is performed to sync the SKUs/products/changes from marketplace to the Selluseller.


This is how the Product Sync is performed-

  1. Please go to the Integrations tab >> Ecommerce Channels
  2. Search for the required marketplace
  3. Click on 3 dots on the right corner
  4. Click on Sync Products


  1. You will get a pop up above as Product Sync started successfully and the Sync Products button will change to Syncing Products until it is completely synced.
  2. You can also check the Last Product Synced date and time.

Note - if the product is in draft state in marketplace and if you do product sync it will not sync in Anchanto OMS. 

Please find below the attached video link for your reference -


Hope you find this article helpful!