A quick guide to view the remaining/available stock of a particular live product in SelluSeller.

You can easily view the available stock of a particular live product in SelluSeller.

  1. Sign into SelluSeller. Go to the 'Catalogue' tab
  2. Click on the 'Live' button. A list of all your live products is displayed.
  3. In the 'Search' box, type the name of the required product. The product information page appears.
  4. Under 'Available Stock', you can view your available or remaining stock

Total Stock - Total physical stock available in your warehouse. Total Stock = Available to Purchase + Buffer Stock + On Hold Stock + Unusable Stock + Pending Stock 

Available To Purchase -This is the stock shown on the sales channel and available for sale. This stock doesnot include buffer stock , on hold stock and pending stock

Buffer Stock - Buffer stock refers to the inventory that is set aside in the warehouse for various purposes, such as contingencies or specific requirements. However, if any buffer stock is maintained, it is important to note that it will be deducted from the actual stock and will reflect on the marketplace. For example, if the available stock is 100 and there is a buffer stock of 10, the saleable stock will be displayed as 90 (Available Stock - Buffer Stock).

It is important to understand that buffer stock does not automatically move or update itself. Instead, the user is responsible for manually adjusting the stock by removing it from the buffer stock and adding it back to the available stock. This ensures that the accurate stock levels are reflected on the marketplace and that sales can be managed effectively.

In Process - In process refers to the quantity of products that are currently in the "Ready For Pick Up", "Ready To Ship", or "Shipped" status of an order and are still being processed for final delivery.

On Hold - Quantity of products in 'Not Ready To Fulfil' is maintained as on-hold stock. This Stock is not counted in the available to purchase stock and not considered as sellable.

Threshold - The threshold value represents the replenishment or restock level. By setting a threshold value, such as 40 units, in the OMS (Order Management System), you will receive notifications when the stock quantity reaches or falls below this threshold unit. The OMS will identify the SKU as "LOW ON STOCK" in the Inventory Module, indicating that it's time to consider replenishing the stock to maintain optimal inventory levels.

Sold - Quantity of a product that has been delivered to the buyer

Incoming - Stock that is going to be received at the warehouse

Pending - Stock quantity of the orders that are parked in the Pending orders tab

Unusable Stock - Stock that is damaged or not usable.