Dear Valued Sellers,

We are pleased to inform you about an important upcoming change that will enhance your selling experience on Zalora marketplace. As Zalora is migrating it's existing APIs to a newer version, and we want to ensure a seamless transition for all our sellers.

Important Dates to Note

  1. API Migration Date: The new APIs for Zalora will come into effect from 26th July onwards. Rest assured, our Anchanto Order Management System is fully ready with the compatibility of these new APIs to facilitate a smooth migration.
  2. Migration Window: We are providing sellers with a migration window from 26th July to 29th July to complete the migration process. During this period, sellers will need to disconnect their existing connections with Zalora and connect with Zalora V2, respectively.
  3. Automatic Disconnection: On 30th July, all connections that have not migrated to Zalora V2 will be automatically disconnected. After this date, no new orders will be received from these marketplaces until sellers successfully connect with the respective V2 APIs.

How to Migrate to Zalora V2? 

  1. Access the Integration Page: Go to your Seller Dashboard and navigate to the Integration page. You can find this page in the main Menu > Integration Management. 
  2. Click "Migrate to V2": Look for the "Migrate to V2" button specific to Zalora and click on it.
  3. Connect with Zalora Credentials: After clicking the button, the page will refresh, and you will need to connect with your Zalora Credentials. To obtain your API keys, follow these steps:
    • Visit to the link to access your Zalora API Keys.
    • Follow the instructions provided by Zalora to obtain your API keys.
    • Copy and paste the API keys into the required fields on the migration page.
  4. Once you've entered your API keys, your migration to Zalora V2 is complete. You can now enjoy the enhanced features and benefits of the updated APIs.

Supported Version:

  • Anchanto OM Version: V3 


We highly encourage all our sellers using Zalora to complete the migration process within the designated time window to avoid any disruptions in order processing. This update ensures improved performance and seamless integration, enabling you to provide an exceptional shopping experience to your customers.

If you encounter any difficulties during the migration process or have any questions, our support team is available to assist you. Please reach out to our Helpline Channels.


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