The available to purchase (ATP) of kit product is calculated by dividing the available stock for each of its individual product/component by the bundle quantity of those components, rounding down to the nearest whole number and then selecting the lowest number 


  • There are three products on OMS: iPhone XS, air-pod, and charging cable. 
  • Seller wants to create kit product with 1 iPhone XS + 1 AirPod + 2 charging cables
  • The ATP of the components: iPhone = 10, AirPod = 20, charging cable = 15
  • => The ATP of this kit will be 7 (10/1=10, 20/1=20, 15/2=7 => 7)

* Please note that Anchanto OM does not allow to manage the quantity of kit product directly. User can adjust inventory levels of components in order to have a new available stock of the kit.