Sales Tax Judgement Report

This report is used for the quantification of the sales and sales tax payable on sales made by the Seller.

How to Generate the Report:

Login into your SelluSeller account -> Go to Reports tab from the Left Pane -> Click on Generate Reports -> Click on New Report -> on the pop-up, select the Report Type -> Select the Date Range -> Click on Generate Report to start generating the report.

Header Details and Definitions:


HeaderDefinitionCalculation (if any)
STORECODEMarketplace Code on SelluSeller
DATEDate of the Transaction
TRANSACTION NOUnique ID for the Transaction
CUSTOMER NAMEName of the buyer
BARCODEUnique Machine readable code for the SKU
SKUItem Purchased
VAT/NONVATSKU qualifies for the VAT or no
QTYQty purchased
UOMUnit of Measurement. E.g. KG, pieces, etc
UNIT PRICESKU item price
AMOUNTTotal SKU priceQTY x Unit Price
CHARGESAny other charges (shipping chanrges) incurred on the transaction
DISCOUNTS/ALLOWANCEDiscount given for the item
RETURNSIf it’s a return order, whats the amount of the order returned
VATAMOUNTTotal VAT applied on the transaction
NET AMTTotal amount paid