Carrier report gives you the data of the packages processed through the selected carrier for the given date range.

How to generate the report:

Login into your SelluSeller account -> Go to Reports tab from the Left Pane -> Click on Generate Reports -> Click on New Report -> on the pop-up, select the Report Type -> Select the Carrier -> Select the date range you wish to generate the report for -> Click on Generate Report to start generating the report.

Header Details and Definitions:


Client NameName of the client/customer
Box IdPackaging box ID
CarrierName of the carrier
Order NumberOrder number
Awb NumberAWB number
Order TypeType of the order if its B2B or B2C
Campaign NameName of the campaign
Country CodeCountry code
WeightWeight of the package
No Of BoxesNo of packaging boxes 
Date RecievedDate on which the package received
Time RecievedTime when the package received
Dispatch DateDate when the package dispatched
Dispatch TimeTime when the package dispatched