This report gives you the details of inventory for the specified date range.

How to generate the report:

On eWMS, go to -> Reports -> Generate Reports -> Select the report type -> Select the companies (one or multiple) for which you wish to generate the report -> Enter the email address on which you want to receive the report -> Select the date range (Start Date, End Date) -> Click on Submit.

Once the report is generated, you can either download it from the eWMS account or check the email mentioned while requesting the report generation.

To download the report, go to -> Reports -> Generated Reports -> Search for the report and click on Download on right.

Header & Definitions:


NameName of the inventory product. 
Inventory skuSKU of the inventory product. SKU means stock keeping unit. 
UPCIt’s a unique product code
Storage Type
Low Stock Limit
Cost priceCost price is the cost at which seller purchased 1 unit of the inventory product
BufferBuffer stock is the reserved stock. This stock is not available for sale on the sales channels.
WidthWidth of the inventory product
HeightHeight of the inventory product
LengthLength of the inventory product
WeightWeight of the inventory product
Available To Purchase StockAvailable to purchase stock is the stock that is available to purchase for customers
Total StockTotak stock is the overall total stock available for the inventory product. 
Pending Stock
On Hold StockOn-hold stock is the total stock in 'Un-paid Order' state and 'Problem Orders' state. It is not counted under marketplace stock and is not considered as sellable.
In processIn-process stock is the stock that is occupied in orders or under unverified cancelled orders.
SoldThis is amount of quantity sold
Un-usableThis is amount of quantity which is unusable and cannot be sold
Days Before OOSSystem predicts in how many days the stock will get OOS based on the sell happening on a day to day basis
BrandBrand to which the inventory product belongs 
Unit of MeasurementUnit of measurement by which the quantities of the inventory products can be measured
Uom ValueShort name given to the particular unit of measurement. Example- PCS for pieces
ExpiryExpiry date of the inventory product
Shelf Life in daysNotification will be sent to the user before number of the days set set the number of days to get the notification before inventory products expiry date. 
Lot ControlLot control itself is a rather simple concept that ensures every piece of inventory that flows through a warehouse can be tracked to its group of origin. 
Inventory ControlInventory control, also called stock control, is the process of ensuring the right amount of supply is available in an organization.