How to generate the report:

On eWMS, go to -> Reports -> Generate Reports -> Select the report type -> Select the companies (one or multiple) for which you wish to generate the report -> Enter the email address on which you want to receive the report -> Select the Batch Date Range Type -> Select the date range (Start Date, End Date) -> Click on Submit.

Once the report is generated, you can either download it from the eWMS account or check the email mentioned while requesting the report generation.

To download the report, go to -> Reports -> Generated Reports -> Search for the report and click on Download on right.

Header & Definitions:


Company NameThe name of the company within Wareo system
Product NameName of the product
SKUStock keeping unit
MFUPCManufacturers universal product code
Batch NumberBatch number the SKU was inbounded with
Consignment NumberThe number by which a specific consignment can be denoted
Expiry DateExpiry date of the SKU
Received StockThe total number of SKU and stock received within the consignment
Current UsableThe available stock of the SKU
Current DamageThe unit of the SKU which are damaged
Current On-holdThe stock for which the order is there hence it comes under on hold stock
Blocked DateThe date on which a particular SKU is blocked