Upon sales channel connection, Anchanto OMS syncs existing product listings with the catalog and inventory modules. 

The SKU code of a product syncs as "CSKU" in Catalogue module and "ISKU" in the Inventory module.


  • "ISKU" is a unique code for a product to identify assigned inventory.
  • User must maintain SKU code, product name, dimensions, cost price, and stock under ISKU.
  • Stock of product is maintained/replenished using ISKU.
  • ISKU must be unique for each product and match CSKU to avoid syncing issues.
  • ISKU is used to process the orders or trace the order movements.


  • CSKU (Channel Stock Keeping Unit) is used to list a product on various marketplaces (sales channels).
  • Each catalogue (listing) is assigned a CSKU (Channel Stock Keeping Unit/Platform SKU) for updating, traceability, and order processing.
  • During sync, they are identified by CSKU and online channel seller's ID (email in this case).
  • CSKUs can be added as SKU codes for individual product listings.

  • CSKU can be added as a listing with variants/group products (Parent SKU code).

  • CSKU can be added as the kit/bundle/combo product (KIT SKU code).

Note : 

  • Every CSKU should have a single ISKU and for the single listing the ISKU = CSKU.

  • For every bundled product and Group product CSKU = ISKU 1 + ISKU 2 + ISKU 3

  • if the CSKU is duplicated to an single ISKU, user may face syncing issues, stock syncing issues or overselling issues

  • If the ISKU is not present for a product, the user should edit the product by adding the ISKU and then list the product.

  •  Once the CSKU and ISKU is mapped and seller wants to change to new ISKU, please click on the CSKU's edit option, search for new desired ISKU in the Inventory SKU search bar, and select the new ISKU.

  • For each CSKU listing, the product is limited to a single category due to the inability to display multiple categories. If the marketplace removes a category later on, you only need to perform a product synchronization.

  • When this synchronization is done, the existing category on the marketplace will be mirrored and updated in the Order Management System (OMS).