Step by step guide to connect marketplaces on OMS

Step 1:-

After you Signup for OMS, in the primary navigation tab on the left side; click on Integration > Ecommerce Channels > Add Stores.


You will see a list of integrated Ecommerce Channels. Now, select the channel and click on Start

Integration button to integrate store with OMS.

Step 3:-

Specify nick name for the store and click on "Generate API Token" button.

Step 4:-

Once you land on Shopee, open the API page. You will be required to key in your Shopee Login details by selecting country, username and password. Click on login button to connect.

Step 5:-

OMS will start to fetch (sync) the following data from the connected online channel:

• All Listings (known as Catalogue in OMS)

• All Inventory (stock) level

• Orders from last 90 days

• Shipping Methods (known as carrier (couriers))

Hope this article helps.