Once you log into the Shopify Store, select the product for which you wish to confirm the product id and check the URL. 

If the Product is a Single Product or Master Product, the URL will be in the format:


 If the Product is a Variant Product, the URL will be in the format:



Below is an example for above explanation from our demo store “anchanto-test-demo” for the SKU “Executive Men's Embroidered Shortsleeves Office Barong (Green)


URL: https://admin.shopify.com/store/anchanto-test-demo/products/8413736206627

Here, 8413736206627 is the Product Id (Marketplace Code) of the SKU.


This SKU has 9 different variations as below:


Click on the variant to edit it, and the URL will show the Variation Id of the same.

For Example: XL / Green


Here, 45297929453859 is the Variant Id of the variant SKU XL / Green


This URL also gives us the product id of the master/parent SKU (highlighted in Green in above URL).