When the product is missing the mandatory detail which is required by Anchanto OMS, those products will not be synced from marketplace to Anchanto OMS due to Missing Mandatory Details. 

To solve the unsync product due to missing mandatory details, please follow the below steps:

Step 1: Navigate to catalogue module and select the dropdown of unsync tab. Then select Missing Mandatory Details

Step 2The system will show the list of products that not synced to Anchanto OMS due to missing mandatory details. 

User can click on the product name to read the detailed error message

Step 3: The user is required to login seller's platform and update the missing mandatory detail as shown in step 2. For this example, user must input the SKU code for the errored product.

Step 4: Go to integration module - ecommerce channels, select the store that user updated the SKU code in step 3. Click on the three vertical dots and select product sync to sync the product with updated SKU to Anchanto OMS.