Q: Why is SelluSeller fetching pending orders in Magento?

A: As a default status we fetch the pending, processing status orders from Magento to SelluSeller (OMS) and those will be synced under New orders state.


Q: Why is it changing the SelluSeller status from Pending to Ready to Fulfil and Sales Channels status from Pending to Processing automatically after 5 mins?

A: The pending to processing status changed if the same has happened on Magento or user has marked the order as Ready to ship in SelluSeller (OMS).
     Note: OMS does not move the status periodically by its own.

 Q: On the order status mapping setting, what do we need to assign to Unpaid status. What will happen if we just leave it blank?

A: You can assign the status that holds the unpaid orders in your Magento account. In case your business does not have the unpaid orders scenario then you can keep the field blank. 


Q: Do we have a way in SelluSeller not to fetch Pending status orders in Magento through this mapping?

A: Yes, you just map the order statuses that holds the new orders in your Magento and can proceed for picking and packing.


Q: How to map Magento Order Status to SelluSeller Order Status?

A: Go to Integrations tab from the left pane on your SelluSeller account and go to Ecommerce Channel.

Navigate to Magento connected store, click on 3 vertical dots on the right-top and select Settings.

On the Settings pop-up, go to Order Status Mapping.


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