This step by step guide will help you in updating the existing stock allocations created in your OMS account.

Steps to Follow:

1. Please navigate to the Inventory module and select the Stock Allocation option from the secondary panel displayed on the screen below


2. Please select the desired Stock Allocation ID by clicking on the corresponding check box and proceed by clicking on the 'Action' button. From there, kindly choose the 'Bulk Export Stock Allocation' option.

3. The function will direct you to the 'Bulk Aactivity' tab where you can download the file for the chosen stock allocation records,

4. Please make any necessary modifications and save them to the document,


  • Regarding active stock allocations, the only editable aspect is the end date. 
  • For upcoming and failed stock allocations, it is possible to modify the start and end dates, as well as the absolute quantity or percentage designated for stock allocation. 
  • It is important to note that any other details beyond those mentioned above cannot be altered. 
  • Additionally, completed and canceled stock allocations are not subject to updates.

5. Once you have made the necessary modifications to the file, kindly proceed to the Stock Allocation tab and select the bulk action & Upload option that corresponds to the Bulk Stock Allocation Update

6. Click on Browse to select the modified file and click on Import.

7. If any errors occur, they will be displayed in the error report that is generated upon completion of the import process. You can find this report under the Bulk Activity tab.


  • The stock allocation feature is not available by default for OMS. If you want to activate this feature in your OMS account, please contact your Anchanto account manager.


We hope these features contribute to an effortless user experience for you.


n case of any queries, please reach out to us through any of our Helpline Channels.