If the user disables the inventory sync in OMS then they will have the below impacts on the connected   Marketplaces:

  1. The stock will not be updated from OMS to the Marketplaces.
     Example: SKU A has 15 stock, and this stock will not be updated to any marketplace.
  2. Stock Allocation will not work because the stock update is disabled.
  3. Stock for return completed orders will not be updated back to Marketplace.
     Example: Return order 123 has SKU A, and when the return process is done, the stock will not be updated, and you have to update it manually.
  4. Orders will be synced from marketplaces to OMS, but the stock will not updated from OMS to marketplaces.
  5. If you perform stock sync/stock select, then also the  stock will not be updated.
  6. If the order comes from 1 marketplace, the stock will be deducted from that marketplace, but the stock will not be updated for others.
     Example:  Lazada order 123 has SKU A with 1 quantity, and it has 10 stocks,. Then, stock on Lazada will be deducted and stock will be 9 on Lazada. However, the stock is still 10 for other marketplaces and it can cause overselling