Guide: Understanding Bundle Deals on Shopee

1. What are Bundle Deals on Shopee?

  • Bundle Deals are promotional tools available on both Seller Centre and the Shopee App. 
  • These deals allow sellers on Shopee to offer discounts for a group of items purchased together. 
  • For example, sellers can create bundle deals such as "beach fashion" combining sandals, sunhats, and sundresses.
  • Another example, offer discounts for bulk purchases of necessities like diapers. 
  • By offering bundle deals, sellers can encourage customers to buy complementary products together, ultimately increasing the size of orders received. 
  • Additionally, creating bundle deals with multiple discount tiers can further incentivize shoppers to purchase larger bundles.

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How to create a Bundle deal in Shopee

2. How OMS Helps Handle Bundle Deals?

  • Previously, the Order Management System (OMS) was limited to storing the original price of items in bundle deals, with discounts handled separately. 
  • With improved Shopee bundle deal handling, OMS now stores the price of the bundle as one unit, reflecting it accurately in the system. 
  • For example, if a bundle deal offers "Buy 1 Unit of A, get 1 Unit of A Free," the total price will show only the price of 1 Unit A that will be added for this order. 
  • Similarly, if the deal is "Buy 2 Units of A, get 20% off," the total will display the adjusted price (2 x Price of A - 20% of Order) reflecting the discount, making it easier for seller to manage bundle deals on OMS efficiently.