12.12 is just a few days away and while you gear up your customers for Christmas and New Year, here are some things that we will be imparting from our end. These restrictions will help you have a smooth sale event during 12.12.

The following restrictions will be applied from 

11th December 2300 SGT to 14th December 0100 SGT 

To ensure seamless operation throughout the sale event, we will restrict the following features within our OMS Catalogue module. 

  • Creating a new Product/SKU
  • Updating an existing Product/SKU
  • Bulk operations like Product Uploads
  • Amendments and updates via Catalogue related APIs
  • Reports related to Catalogue
  • Syncing of Products
  • Syncing of Categories 
  • Syncing of Attributes
  • Any syncing related to Quality Control

Restrictions imposed on the OMS order module includes

  • Syncing of ‘fulfilled by the marketplace’ orders
  • Syncing the last five days of orders
  • We will minimize the frequency of completed orders sync to every thirty minutes
  • For Lazada users, we will restrict the addition of Reserve Stocks

Please Note: Sales Report Generation will be restricted from: 11 December 2300 SGT to 12 December 0400 SGT

All other modules and features of OMS will remain unrestricted.

Restrictions imposed on WMS order modules include:

  • Producing reports with a date range greater than three days will be disabled
  • Restriction timings will be the same as OMS restrictions time

All other modules and features of WMS will remain unaffected. 

For more information, you can head over to our Knowledge Base. Our Customer Care team is available for you 7-Days a Week! Feel free to reach out to us through any of our communication channels. You can also write to us at help@anchanto.com.

For Customers Integrated with Lazada, read this article for more information.

Wishing you a great Sale Event ahead!