We are pleased to share that we have added a few smart updates on the WMS platform. 

WMS Web and Android App Version

  • Picking App Version: 3.5.1  
  • Stock Management App Version: 3.6.0

What's New in this Version

1) Stocktake

  • Now the users can put a closure to the stocktake, whenever there are more than 500 entries and view the process under the In-Progress Details tab.
  • During the approval stage, the order can now be moved from partial to picking and vice-versa based on stock changes, ensuring that only unique entries are executed.

2) Picker assignment for the B2C order
  • The system will check if the stock is available to fulfill the order and then assign it to the picker. 
  • If the stock isn’t available, the system will move the order to partial.

3) Stock Movement 
  • In the approval process, if the user comes across a situation where the current and requested quantity is the same, there is no need for approval. 

4) Issue Fixes and Improvements
  • We have resolved the issues related to the picking and handover tasks and improvised the picking process. 
  • We have improvised the handover process and have reduced the time for picking.

In case of any queries, please reach out to us through any of our Helpline Channels.