Hello Everyone,

We are very excited to share the new improvements in the Anchanto Order Management (OM). These enhancements would enable our user in an effortless and user-friendly experience. 
These new features are now live.

Enhanced adding variations to Lazada Group Product 

The new enhancement resolves the issue of listing group products with more than 49 variations on Lazada. Now, users can successfully list or update group products that contain more than 49 variations. It ensures improved compatibility with Lazada's requirements and enables users to list more than 50 variations on the platform

Users can now conveniently list and manage group products with a larger number of variations on Lazada. This improvement eliminates the previous constraint and provides a seamless experience for sellers who need to handle extensive variations within their product listings.

Released Version:

  • Anchanto OM Version: V3 


We hope these features contribute to an effortless user experience for you.

In case of any queries, please reach out to us through any of our Helpline Channels.



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