Stock Movement Report


  1. Why is a Stock Movement report important for businesses?
    • A Stock Movement report is crucial because it provides a clear picture of how inventory levels change over time. It helps businesses identify trends, manage stock levels efficiently, and make informed decisions about restocking and order fulfillment. 
  1. How frequently should I generate a Stock Movement report?
    • The frequency of generating Stock Movement reports depends on your business needs. Many businesses generate them on a weekly or monthly basis to closely monitor stock activity. However, the frequency can vary based on factors like industry, inventory turnover rate, and operational requirements.
  1. Can I use a Stock Movement report to identify potential issues in my inventory management process?
    • Yes, Stock Movement reports are valuable for identifying issues such as overstocking, understocking, discrepancies, or patterns of stock adjustments. By analyzing the report, businesses can take corrective actions to improve their inventory management processes and reduce costs.
  2. What is a stock movement report?
    • A stock movement report tracks changes in inventory levels over a specified period, detailing the opening balance, stock inflow, outflow, adjustments, and closing balance.


Silent Printing

    1. How do I enable Silent Printing for shipping labels?

  • Anchanto Admin can enable Silent Printing for shipping labels through the settings. 


    2. What are the benefits of using Silent Printing for shipping labels?

  • Silent Printing automates the shipping label generation process, reducing the time and effort required to print labels for each shipment. It minimizes the risk of manual errors and enhances the efficiency of your shipping operations.


    3. Are there any specific printer requirements for Silent Printing?

  • Silent Printing is compatible with most USB-connected printers and WIFI-enabled printers. However, it's essential to ensure that your selected printer is correctly configured and connected to the network for seamless label printing.


This feature aims to simplify your shipping label printing process, providing you with greater flexibility and efficiency in managing your shipping operations. We hope you find it a valuable addition to our platform.


Adding New Inventory Report

    1. How can the stock inventory report benefit my business's day-to-day operations?

  • The stock inventory report provides essential insights into your inventory status, helping you manage stock levels efficiently, reduce carrying costs, and make informed decisions about restocking and order fulfillment.

    2. How often should I generate and review the stock inventory report for my business?

  • The frequency of generating and reviewing the report depends on your business's specific needs. Typically, businesses generate these reports regularly, such as monthly or quarterly, to closely monitor stock activity and trends. 

    3. Can the stock inventory report help me identify areas for improvement in my inventory management                       practices?

  • Absolutely. By analyzing the report, you can identify overstocked or understocked products, discrepancies, patterns of stock adjustments, and more. This information can guide you in optimizing your inventory management processes. 

    4. What information is typically included in an inventory report?

  • Inventory reports often include details like product names, quantities, values, SKU numbers, Available to Purchase, Incoming, In process, depending on business needs.

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Web WMS Version : v 3.0.0 



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