Q: What is the Enhanced Inventory Report Feature in the OMS system?

A: This feature allows users to generate inventory reports in XLS and CSV formats while providing options to filter products based on their status and stock levels.

Q: How do I access the Enhanced Inventory Report Feature?

A: You can access this feature through the OMS system's report module.

Q: What formats are available for generating inventory reports?

A: You can generate inventory reports in either XLSX or CSV format.

Q: What are the available product status options for filtering in the inventory report?

A: The available status options include "All," "Available," "Low On Stock," "Out of Stock," "Deleted," and "Deactivated."

Q: When would I use the "Above" or "Below" options for stock levels in the report?

You can use these options when selecting "All," "Available," or "Low on Stock" to filter products based on whether their stock levels are above or below a specified quantity.

Q: What is the range for the desired stock quantity when using the "Above" or "Below" options?

A: The range for the desired stock quantity is from 0 to 1000.

Q: Can I generate an inventory report with multiple status criteria, such as "Available" and "Deleted" products together?

A: Yes, you can select multiple status criteria to generate an inventory report with products matching those selected statuses.

Q: Will the inventory report generation be efficient even for a large number of products?

A: Yes, the feature is designed to generate inventory reports accurately and efficiently, regardless of the number of products involved.

Q: Can I generate the Inventory report for Multiple Warehouses?

A: Yes, for Muti-warehousing OM Account the second filter shows an option to select Warehouse. With this the report can be segregated as per the desired warehouses

Released Version:

  • Anchanto OM Version: V3 


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