We are thrilled to introduce an array of advanced features within our Warehouse Management System's ad hoc actions menu, designed to empower warehouse managers in efficiently managing their orders. These new functionalities include the ability to seamlessly change warehouses for unassigned orders, perform bulk actions, modify delivery dates in bulk, transfer split orders between warehouses, and swiftly cancel multiple orders. 


Feature Highlights: 


1. Warehouse Change for Unassigned Orders: 

Easily change the warehouse for orders that are not assigned to any picker. 

Select new warehouses for unassigned orders with just a few clicks. 


2. Bulk Selection, Copy-Paste, and Warehouse Change: 

Efficiently select multiple orders in the ad hoc actions menu. 

Copy and paste a list of order IDs for swift order selection. 

Change the warehouse for selected orders in bulk, streamlining your warehouse operations. 



3. Transfer Split Orders Between Warehouses: 

Seamlessly transfer split portions of orders to different warehouses for fulfillment. 

Access this transfer option directly from the ad hoc actions menu. 


4. Bulk Delivery Date Modification: 

Modify delivery dates for selected orders in bulk for improved order management. 

Input the new delivery date for the selected orders, ensuring timely delivery. 


5. Bulk Order Cancellation: 

Effortlessly select multiple orders for cancellation within the ad hoc actions menu. 

Choose the option to cancel the selected orders in bulk, enhancing order control. 



How to Use: 


Change Warehouse for Unassigned Orders 


  1. Access the ad hoc actions menu. 





  1. Select "Change Warehouse" for unassigned orders. 


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  1. Copy and paste order IDs and order related information. 

  1. Choose the destination warehouse and confirm the action. 






Bulk Selection and Actions:  

  1. In the ad hoc actions menu, select multiple orders. 

  1. Use the copy-paste text box for order ID entry. 


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  1. Swiftly change the warehouse, modify delivery dates, or cancel selected orders in bulk. 


Bulk Delivery Date Modification:  


Modify delivery dates in bulk for selected orders within the ad hoc actions menu. 


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Bulk Order Cancellation:  


Easily select multiple orders for cancellation in the ad hoc actions menu and proceed with bulk cancellation. 


These new features are designed to streamline your order management process, enhance your control, and improve the overall efficiency of your warehouse operations. 


Released Version:

Web WMS Version : V3.0.0 

We hope this feature contributes to an effortless user experience for you.  

In case of any queries, please reach out to us through any of our Helpline Channels.    

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