When the users are using marketplace integrated carriers (the carriers are managed by marketplace) and the users had connected their marketplace stores on Anchanto OMS, the order sync from marketplaces to Anchanto OMS will be having those possible scenarios:

1. All new orders will have their shipping carrier assigned by the marketplace. Whichever shipping carrier is designated, Anchanto OMS will get all of these new orders along with the corresponding carrier information.  In this instance, OMS is unable to designate a carrier.

2. In case where the marketplace has not assigned the shipping carrier to the new orders yet, those new orders still will be synced to Anchanto OMS. However, the carrier info will be presented as below:

  • If there is no default shipping carrier is set for that store, the carrier info will be missing in the order details and the order will be in problem state.
  • If there is a default shipping carrier for that store, the default carrier will be temporarily assigned to the order. Once the order moves to ready to ship stage, Anchanto OMS will update the correct carrier as assigned by the marketplace.